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Changes: version 0.82b posted Dec-30-2004 vs version 0.82 posted Dec-21-2004
Changes: version 0.82 posted Dec-21-2004 vs version 0.80e posted Jul-21-2004
Changes: version 0.80e posted Jul-21-2004 vs version 0.80d posted Jun-25-2004
Changes: version 0.80d posted Jun-25-2004 vs version 0.80c posted Jun-20-2004 Changes: version 0.80c posted Jun-25-2004 vs version 0.80b posted Jun-24-2004 Changes: version 0.80b posted Jun-24-2004 vs version 0.80 posted Jun-20-2004 Changes: version 0.80 posted Jun-20-2004 vs version 0.78b posted Mar-05-2004 Changes: version 0.78b posted Mar-05-2004 vs vesion 0.78, posted ... a couple hours earlier Changes: version 0.78 posted Mar-05-2004 vs vesion 0.76b, posted Feb-22-2004
Changes: version 0.76b posted Feb-22-2004 vs version 0.76, posted Feb-07-2004 Changes: version 0.76 posted Feb-07-2004 vs version 0.74, posted Sep-11-2003 Changes: version 0.74 posted Sep-11-2003 vs version 0.70beta, posted Aug-19-2003 Changes: version 0.70beta, posted Aug-19-2003 vs version 0.69, posted May-26-2003
Changes: version 0.69, posted May-26-2003 vs version 0.68, posted May-22-2002
This is mostly a bugfix release, as a couple of serious bugs have made it into the last release. Changes: version 0.68, posted May-22-2003 vs version 0.59, posted Oct-02-2002
If you've been following this, you know that the last public release was way back. There are way too many changes to list them all. The following list has been trimmed down for brevity.